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We design your mobile strategy!


GEMA brings together insights gained from working with thousands of global clients – both through their successes and learning from their failures. Together, we develop and implement a UEM/EMM strategy tailored to your needs. The path to Digital Workplace of tomorrow is well within your reach.

15 320

hours Defining the future on technology

Developments – especially in Enterprise Mobility – are exceedingly fast-paced. For companies and for us as consultants, this means that we must always adapt swiftly to ever-changing circumstances. We observe the market and monitor trends, in order to update your strategy accordingly. We have developed the instrument, tools and proven processes needed to work with your team to define the measures and to design a blueprint for your organization’s path to Digital Workplace.

Our GEMA Consulting includes four types of services depending on your needs:

  • Mobility strategy workshop
  • Mobilization of existing processes/introduction of new mobile processes
  • Analysis and optimization of the infrastructure
  • Consultation of the specialist divisions



We make ordering asset management simple on a global scale.

As part of the jointly developed strategy, we are successfully implementing established procurement processes with a unified procurement platform. Based on profound data, we ensure that the necessary components are ready at the desired time in terms of quality, quantity and availability.

3 million+

Assets under management

Our professional asset management provides an inventory of the hardware and a database for further internal processing.


Our GEMA Procure allows you to:

  • The implementation of a well-tested procurement process
  • Administration of all relevant data of the end devices
  • Procurement portal with subsequent approval and billing processes



We configure, activate, deploy or replace all of your assets.

We know how important it is for you to provide your users with the tools that make them more productive. Therefore, GEMA created a service that ensures your employees get their mobile devices on time and ready to be used from the moment they take it from the box. If the device doesn’t work, we provide them a replacement device by the next business day. Then we take care of the repair without impeding their work production.

240 000+

Devices deployed in 12 months

With the deploy service, GEMA Austria is able to deliver devices according to your business standards, including the accessories and peripherals. We also ensure the same quality and delivery experience across the globe.  Our services in detail:

  • Configuration of your devices according to previously agreed specifications (Golden Image)
  • Device lifecycle documentation from build to shipment and from shipment to delivery, until the End-of-Life
  • Our Break & Fix service ensures that your employees receive a fully functional and personalized device by the next business day in the event of damage



We provide in-country on-demand end-user support with the local language.

Mobile users are unique users. They require expedite support, no matter the time or the location. GEMA Germany provides a dedicated mobile helpdesk that understands these particular needs, so your users will never have to worry about any difficulties with their mobile devices.

36 670

Training hours

Our globally accessible GEMA Helpdesk service provides:

  • 24/7 multilingual support for your mobile devices
  • Help with any technical issue with the hardware, communication or applications
  • Escalate any critical issues in need of urgent attention
  • Impartial advice and support based on a unified global ticket system



We survey, analyze, and manage your Enteprise Mobility.

The permanent availability of the mobile infrastructure is indispensable for companies nowadays. This is based on a most current UEM/EMM environment, which is scaled according to the increasing needs. The systems must be regularly maintained and continuously monitored. GEMA will take over these tasks, so you can get back some of the much-needed time to focus on what really matters: your business.

5 000+

Systems under management

With Manage service, GEMA is able to monitor and secure your mobile operation and performance while proactively maintain all your EMM servers. Furthermore, GEMA will:

  • Assist your administrators with our 2nd/3rd level support
  • Pretest and install any patches or updates to your operating systems and applications
  • Hold regular Service Reviews to ensure and increase service quality
  • Provide reports and visual dashboards to analyze trends and further optimization
  • Optionally, perform Moves, Add, Changes or Deletions (MACD) for all users, configuration profiles or mobile applications with any EMM or carrier



We guarantee secure access to your company resources.

We understand risks, internal regulations, compliance requirements, and business needs. Based on this, we design, maintain and monitor the security of your mobile devices.

200 000+

Security alerts analyzed per month

Within this service, GEMA offers modules for:

  • Security health checks of your mobile environment with GEMA approval certificates
  • Alert monitoring and actioning according to escalation and regulatory reporting requirements and documentation obligations
  • Manage Mobile Threat Detection/app scanning
  • Traffic shaping
  • Compliance profile creation and monitoring



Work efficiently. Globally.

Together with us, you have control over the use and costs of all mobile devices as well as the apps used. We transparently disclose your investments and costs, identify potential for optimization and optimally design the financial side of enterprise mobility.


Visibility to your mobile cost

Within this service, GEMA offers modules for:

  • Global asset management and reporting
  • Device usage analysis
  • Telecom expense and data costs monitoring and management
  • Exact distribution of expenses to cost centers when partnering with financial service providers

Act Global, Think Local!

Wherever you are, GEMA Austria is your local partner!

Independent from network providers and device manufacturers,
we have certified and GEMA-licensed partners around the globe to ensure 24/7 support.

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